Current Letters

Current Letters

Please click on the following links to view our current school letters.

Letters Home

Help During the Holidays

Meet the Teachers 2019/2020

Year 6 End of Year Celebration Letter to Parents

After School Activities - Autumn Term 2019

School Uniform Pupil Premium letter 2019

Sports Day Update 2019

Discovery Holiday Camp Summer 2019

Amended Term Dates 2019/2020

Class Transition Letter 2019

Staffing Update Letter June 2019

Year 2 Go Ape trip letter

Year 1 Phonics Screening 2019 letter

Year 6 Redridge Final Letter 2019

Year 5 Drayton Manor Trip Letter 2019

Year 6 End of SATs Letter 2019

EYFS Assembly Letter 2019

Year 3 Parent Assembly Letter 2019

Year 6 SATS Letter 2019

DSAT Funding Letter to Parents 2019

DSAT ICT Conference 2019

Holi Dance Celebration Day 2019

Year 1 Twycross Zoo Trip Letter to Parents

Redlands Rangers Wraparound Care Booking Form - Autumn 2019

Wraparound Care Changes 2019/2020

End of Spring Term Letter to Parents

Year 6 Warning Zone trip 2019

Year 5 RSC Play in a Day Letter to Parents

Year 1 Phonics Assessment Information

Year 6 Leavers Hoodie Letter to Parents

FORs Easter Craft 2019

Afterschool Activites - Summer Term 2019

Year 6 Redridge Parent Meeting 2019

Year 1 Phonics Meeting Letter 2019

Attendance Be a Hero Incentives Letter to Parents 2019

FORs Easter Bingo 2019

School crossing patrol service leaflet

Farewell Letter March 2019

Redlands Raises Respect Fundraising Letter RND and NSPCC

Year 1 Memory Box Baby Photos Letter

Year 3 Cadbury World trip letter

KS2 DSAT Science Conference Letter to Parents

Yr 6 Assessment Information Meeting

Yr 2 Assessment Information Meeting

KS2 Charnwood College Cross Country Event

Ratcliffe College Cross Country Festival 2019

World Book Day 2019

Year 5 Bikeability LCC Information for Parents and Pre-Course Checklist

Year 5 Bikeability Letter 2019

FORs Spring Disco 2019

Farewell Letter February 2019

5HS Swimming Spring Term 2019

Year 1 Beaumanor Hall Trip 2019

Year 4 Whitemoor Lakes Parent Meeting 2019

Year 1 Moon Buggy Making 2019

FORs Horse Racing Night 2019

Rockstars Day Letter 2019

Holiday Club Provision Letter 2019

Year 6 London Trip 2019

Parents Evening Spring 2019

Welcome Back Letter January 2019

Storytime Selfie Challenge Letter 2019

Author Visit Letter

Year 4 Abbey Pumping Station Trip

Christmas Letter 2018

Attendance Incentive Awards 2018/2019

Attendance Incentive Awards 2018/2019

Farewell & Welcome Letter December 2018

After School Activities - January 2019

5DS Swim Letter Spring Term 2019

Year 1 Christmas Homework letter

Redlands Robins Family Christmas Craft Afternoon 2018

EYFS Winter Wonderland Final Details Letter 2018

Christmas Carol Service 0SG,Years 5 & 6

Christmas Carol Service 0AB,Years 3 & 4

Modern Foreign Languages Art Competition Artwork Paper

Modern Foreign Languages Art Competition Letter

Incomplete Work at School Template Letter to Parents

Incomplete Work at School Initial Letter

Mr Page Letter

Headteacher Responses to Parent Questionnaire Comments

Parent Questionnaire Headteacher Response Letter 2018

DSAT Maths Conference Letter

LCC Library Membership Form 2018

Year 4 Library Trip

Cake Sale Poster

Welcome Family Support Worker Letter

Year 1 Planetarium Visit Letter

Christmas Book Fair Letter 2018

Harry Potter Library Fundraiser Letter 2018

Family Christmas Crafts Letter 2018

National Child Measurement Programme Change4life Leaflet 2018_2019

National Child Measurement Programme Parent Letter 2018_2019

Christmas Dinner 2018

4SP Swim Letter 2018

Year 6 Bikeability Outcome Letter 2018

Year 5 Egyptian Day Letter 2018

Farewell Letter 2018

Children In Need 2018

Christmas Choir Performance Letter 2018

KS1 Nativity Letter 2018

Anti-Bullying Week 2018

Update on New Systems Letter 2018

Healthy Together Beating the Bugs Information

Redlands Remembrance Day Poppy Project 2018

Young Voices Letter 2019

Redlands Christmas Choir Letter 2018

Year 2 Warwick Castle Trip Letter

Redlands Robins Under New Leadership

Year One Spellings Letter

Guinea Pig Care Letter

Reading Workshop Letter 2018

Remembrance Day Poppy Sales Letter

Redlands Goes Paperless

Term Dates 2019-2020

FORs Update October 2018

Year 1 Beacon Hill Trip Letter 2018

FORs Christmas Cards for Schools Design Template

FORs Christmas Cards for Schools Letter 2018

Wraparound Care Changes Autumn 2018

4RB Swim Letter Autumn 2018

Redlands Farewell and Welcome Letter 2018

Parking Letter 2018

EYFS Winter Wonderland Trip Letter 2018

Year 3 Falconry Visit

Year 1 Superhero for a Day

Year 2/Year 3 Leicester City Media Visit 2018

ASHA Fundraiser Flyer

Year 6 ASHA Fundraiser Raffle Ticket Selling Volunteers Letter

Year 5 Parent Assembly Letter 2018

Year 6 Mexican Fiesta End of Topic Celebration 2018

Welcome Letter - Family Support Worker 2018

October Holiday Club 2018

EYFS Open Events Autumn 2018

Parents Evening Autumn Term Letter 2018

Harvest Festival Letter 2018

NHS Health for Kids Chat Health Information Poster Autumn 2018

Spellings Letter 2018

EYFS & Year 1 Phonics Letter 2018

FORs Bonfire and Firework Fiesta 2018

Redlands Macmillan Coffee Event 2018

Year 6 National Holocaust Centre Trip

Healthy Together Drop-In Sessions Autumn Term 2018

FORs AGM Letter 2018

Parent Advisory Board Election Letter 2018

6SL Swim Letter Autumn 2018

Letter from the Headteacher September 2018

Leicestershire Cross Country League - Prestwold Hall

After School Activities - September 2018

KS2 Soar Valley Music Taster Sessions

Permissions Form Letter 2018

Walking Home Procedures Letter 2018

LCC Library Membership Form 2018

Year 2 Tour of Sileby and Library Visit Letter 2018

2018-19 Key Dates for Parents

Welcome Back Letter 2018

End of Year Letter 2018

End of Key Stage 2 Test and Teacher Assessment Results 2018

6LR Swim Letter Autumn 2018

Year 6 Redridge Residential 2019

Year 4 Whitemoor Lakes Residential 2019

Year 6 Bikeability Survey Letter 2018/2019

Meet the Teacher Booklet July 2018

Year 6 Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Letter 2018

Sports Day Update

Coffee and Chat Agenda July 2018

Summer Holiday Club Letter

Year 6 End of Year Celebration Letter 2018

FORs Colour Run 2018

EYFS Farewell Celebration Letter 2018

Class Transition Letter 2018

Summer Soiree Final Letter 2018

Year 5 Royal Shakespeare Company Associate Schools Event 2018

Uniform Update June 2018

FORs Firework Fiesta Poster Competition Letter 2018

Year 2 CGP Book Letter 2018

Year 6 Redridge Residential Final Letter 2018

Year 6 "Pirates of the Curry Bean" Production 2018

Loughborough Town Sports Final Letter 2018

Summer Soiree Additional Tickets Letter 2018

Farewell Miss Gardner Letter

Year 3 Scrumdiddlyumptious Tea Party 2018

FORs Car Boot and Table Top Sale June 2018

Sports Day Letter 2018

Book Sale - Year 6 Enterprise

Year 6 Young Enterprise Project Letter 2018

Year 2 End of SATS Party Letter 2018

Absence and Attendance Procedures May 2018

Redlands Complaints Policy Letter 2018

Year 6 End of SATs Letter 2018

Term Dates Letter 2018/2019

School Uniform Guidance 2018/2019

Uniform Consultation Outcome Letter 2018

FORs Summer Film Night Letter 2018

FORs Fundraising Update Letter May 2018

Summer Soiree Letter 2018

Senior Leadership Update 2018

School Menu 2018-2019

Year 6 SATs Letter 2018

Loughborough Town Sports Initial Letter June 2018

Year 6 Redridge Parent Meeting May 2018

Parking Letter May 2018

Year 6 SATs Arrangements Letter 2018

GDPR Permissions Form 2018

DSAT Parent/Carer Privacy Notice 2018

Year 6 Leavers Hoodies Letter 2018

Year 6 Warning Zone Trip 2018

Year 2 Sealife Centre Birmingham Trip 2018

Forest Schools - Friday Aftercare/Extended Care Structure 2018

Year 1 Twycross Zoo Trip 2018

KS2 DSAT ICT Conference 2018

Staffing Changes and Introductions April 2018

Year 1 Phonics Meeting Letter 2018

Year 5 DS Swimming Letter 2018

End of Spring Term Letter to Parents 2018

FORs SS18 Plan

FORs Summer Term Bingo 2018

Year 4 Teaching Arrangements Letter 2018

Year 1 Teaching Arrangements Follow-Up Letter 2018

Walking Home Procedures Letter 2018

Year 1 Teaching Arrangements Summer Term 2018

Leadership Structure Changes Letter to Parents March 2018

Farewell Mrs Redfearn

Uniform Consultation Letter 2018

Sports Relief Letter 2018

Easter Holiday Club Letter 2018

Girls Football Summer Term 2018

Redlands R's Leaflet

Year 4 Whitemoor Lakes Final Letter 2018

After School Activities - April 2018

Club and Wraparound Care Provision Arrangements and Costs Letter 2018

DSAT Recruitment Event March 2018

Severe Weather Conditions - Information for Parents Feb 2018

Coffee and Chat March 2018

Farewell Letter 2018

DSAT Primary Science Conference Letter

Year 5 Wicksteed Park Trip Letter

School Gate Opening Time Changes Letter

School Gate Times and Safeguarding Reminder 2018

World Book Day Letter 2018

Year 6 Assessment Information Meeting letter 2018

Healthy Together Drop In Sessions Spring 2018

FORS Spring Disco Letter 2018

Head Lice Letter to Parents

Parents Evening Spring 2018

Year 2 Assessment Information Evening

Headlice - Simple steps to follow

Headlice NHS Information Leaflet

Year 4 Whitemoor Lakes Kit List Letter

Music Taster Sessions Letter

Eco Non-Uniform Day Letter

Attendance Matters Letter

Attendance and Lateness Monitoring Procedures

Online Safety Parent Workshop Letter

Year 3 Heights of Abraham Trip Letter

February Half Term Holiday Club Registration Form

February Half Term Holiday Club Letter

Year 5 SP Swimming Letter 2018

History Celebration Day Letter 2018

Storytime Selfie Challenge Letter 2018

Eat with the Teacher Letter Spring 2018

Christmas End of Term Letter 2017

Times Tables Rock Stars Letter 2017

Farewell ad Welcome Letter Autumn 2017

Pre-School Application Form 2017

Pre-School Opening Letter 2017

Christmas Jumper Day Letter 2017

Staffing Update Letter Autumn 2017

Family Christmas Crafts 2017

Year 5 Beacon Hill Trip Letter 2017

After School Activities - January 2018

EYFS Winter Wonderland Letter

Pupil Premium Letter

Christmas Holiday Club Registration Form

Christmas Holiday Club Letter

Year 2 Warwick Castle Letter

Pre School Questionnaire

Christmas Lunch Letter 2017

EYFS and Year 6 Height and Weight Check Letter 2017

Christmas Half Price Book Fair Letter 2017

FORs Family Christmas Bingo Letter 2017

Years 3/4 Carol Service Letter 2017

EYFS, Years 5/6 Carol Service and Nativity Play Letter 2017

KS2 ICT Olympiad Letter 2017

Christmas Choir Performance Details Letter 2017

Year 1 and 2 Nativity Letter

KS2 Cross Country Letter

EYFS - Guinea Pig Care Letter

Remembrance Day Letter

Children in Need Letter

Parents Evening Questionnaire

Macmillan Sponsored Spell Letter

Data Capture Information Letter

Year 6 SL/SW Swimming Letter 2017

Year 6 London Trip Letter 2017

KS2 Leicestershire Cross Country League October 2017

FORs Christmas Cards for Schools 2017

Parents Evening Autumn 2017

Year 4 Residential Trip Whitemoor Lakes Letter 2017

School Council and House Captains Letter 2017

2018/2019 Term Dates Confirmation Letter

Internet Safety Letter

EYFS Open Day 2017

Weekend Clothes Day 2017

Friends of Redlands AGM 2017

EYFS Winter Wonderland Letter 2017

Absence and Attendance Letter 2017

Christmas Choir Letter 2017

Term Dates 2018/2019 Consultation Survey Letter 2017

Governance Transition Letter 2017

Parent Behaviour Letter 2017

Wilton Baking Adult Challenge 2017

Wilton Baking Children's Challenge 2017

KS2 Reading Letter 2017

KS1 Reading Letter 2017

October Half Term Holiday Club 2017

Year 5 Egyptian Day 2017

KS2 Leicestershire Cross Country League 2017

FORs Disco Letter Autumn Term 2017

Coffee and Chat Dates 2017-2018 Academic Year

Tuck Shop Price List 2017

Tuck Shop Letter 2017

Healthy Together Drop In Sessions Autumn Term 2017

Early Years Pupil Premium Application Form 2017

Eligibility for Early Years Pupil Premium 2017

Roald Dahl Day Letter 2017

Welcome Back Letter 2017

Harvest Festival Letter 2017

Year 6 Trip Letter - National Holocaust Museum

Parent Pay Booking Afterschool Activities How To

Activities Letter Autumn Term 2017

Weekly Spellings Letter 2017

End of Day Collections Letter 2017

Year 2 Great Fire of London Day Letter 2017

Good to be Green Behavior Scheme Letter 2017

Year Six Initial Red Ridge Residential Letter 2017

Next Year Structure Letter 2017

Pre School Letter 2017

Parent Pay Wraparound Care How To

Parent Pay School Meals How To

Guinea Pig Care 2017 Letter

Breakfast and Extended Care Club Provision Sign Up Sheet 2017

Summer Menu Choices 2017

Tuck Shop Price Update 2017

Term Dates 2015-2018

FORS Shoes Donation Letter 2017

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