Sileby Redlands Community Primary School is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. All staff share this commitment to safeguarding and the welfare of all our children is paramount. Our school provides a safe, secure and caring environment in which the children can flourish. To meet this expectation, we closely follow our school’s Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy, as well as our E-Safety and Positive Behaviour Policies. Details of these policies can be found under the ‘School Policies’ section of this website.

Our Designated Safeguarding Leads are:

Mrs Michelle Tobin
Mrs Nicky Ball
Mr Drew Simpson
Mrs Shila Mistry
Mrs Clare Worrall
Mrs Samantha Bell
Mrs Helen Parker-Bates
Mrs Karen McConnell

Reporting a Safeguarding Concern

If you have a safeguarding concern about a pupil in school you should report it to either a DSL in school or Leicestershire County Council using the link below:

It is important for parents to be aware that:

Staff and volunteers in the school have a duty to report concerns about a child, whether this means the child may be in need of additional support or help of some kind or whether it is thought that a child may have been abused or be at risk of abuse.

There are 4 categories of abuse:

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Neglect

In some cases the school is obliged to refer children to Early Help of the Social Services Department, for children to be assessed for their needs or if an investigation into possible child abuse is required. In many cases there will already have been discussions between school staff and the parents of the child, and the situation and concerns will not be a surprise to the parents. However, parents may not be told that the school has referred their child to Early Help or the Social Services Department if it is thought that this might put the child at risk. The Social Services Department tries to carry out its enquiries in a sensitive fashion. It has to gather information and generally it can be open with parents about the steps being taken.

If school staff need to express concerns about a child or refer a child to Early Help or the Social Services Department, it is understood that this can cause distress or anger for the child’s parents. It is important that all parties (including parents and school staff) try to discuss these matters as calmly and sensibly as possible.


It is our aim to create confident e-learners, who have the skills to choose and use technology efficiently, adapt their skills to meet the challenge of new technologies, use a range of technologies to communicate effectively and appropriately. At Sileby Redlands Community Primary School we have a strong commitment to E-Safety. All our pupils are taught about keeping safe online as a part of our curriculum. We embrace the use of technology in school and ensure that our pupils not only master the skills of using this technology, but most importantly the knowledge and awareness of how to keep themselves safe while doing so. We also feel that it is crucial for parents to fully understand how to ensure their child is safe when using the Internet at home and as a school we do all we can to support you in this.

Please see below for links to useful websites and information that provide a wide range of information for ensuring e-safety at home:
Childline NSPCC

Below are the photographs of our DSLs, as well as their job descriptions, roles and responsibilities:

Michelle Tobin
Headteacher | Designated Safeguarding Lead

Nicky Ball
Deputy Headteacher | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead | Designated Safeguarding Lead for Children in Care and Previously Looked After Children | Prevent Single Point of Contact

Drew Simpson
Teacher | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead | Designated Safeguarding Lead for Online Safety

Shila Mistry
Family Support Worker | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead | Designated Safeguarding Lead for Attendance

Clare Worrall
SENCO | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead | Designated Safeguarding Lead for Attendance

Sam Bell
Office Manager | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Helen Parker-Bates
ELSA | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Karen McConnell
ELSA | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

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Please see the School Policies page for our Safeguarding Policy

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