Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report

Summary of Key Findings for Parents & Pupils

  • This is a good school.

  • The Headteacher is determined that every pupil will receive a good education and achieve well. He ensures that his staff set high expectations for pupils and that teaching is good. He monitors the quality of teaching closely and ensures that staff are helped to develop their skills continually.

  • Leaders and governors know the school well and work together closely to ensure that pupils are well cared for and make good progress.

  • Teaching is good because teachers have a secure knowledge of the subjects they teach and they plan interesting lessons for pupils.

  • Teaching assistants are effective in supporting those who need to catch up.

  • Pupils listen to their teachers and work hard in lessons.

  • The school teaches fundamental British values particularly well. As a result, pupils are respectful, well behaved and enjoy the opportunities that staff give them to make decisions for themselves.

  • Pupils feel safe in school and are taught to protect themselves from a range of risks they might face.

  • Children make strong gains in the early years. The early years leader, who is highly skilled, builds their literacy skills and enthuses them with the urge to find out as much as possible. Exceptional outdoor provision in Reception makes children want to explore and really learn as much as they can.
It is not yet an outstanding school because:
  • Sometimes, teaching does not challenge the most-able pupils.

  • Work does not always make them think hard and, as a result, they do not make the progress of which they are capable.

  • Gaps between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and that of others, while closing, remain too wide.

  • A few disadvantaged pupils are still not achieving as well as others.

  • The school’s development plan does not make it clear enough how the intended actions for improvement will take place, or who will check on (?).

You can view the full report via the link below:

Ofsted Report - February 2020

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